By dedicated server planner

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Our dedicated server planner will work closely with you upon signing up, right through to maintenance support

Our server planner will listen to your needs to tailor the plan best suited for you

From cost-effective shared server, to large scale, high traffic/high load dedicated servers, we have a wide variety of plans that cater to all your needs. Together with our engineers who have more than 21 years of experience in server operation, we shall propose the most optimum plan for you.

Immediate response during technical difficulties.Failure report and announcement on the website.

Our servers are remotely monitored from Japan while having local engineers on standby for immediate reponse and providing reports. All support can be done in either Japanese or English.

Our dedicated engineer will deliver your pre-configured server to you based on your requests.

Our engineers will configure the server according to your requests. Please do not hesitate to consult us for any requests.

24 hours a day, year-round monitoring. PING monitoring.

Constant monitoring on all servers. Immediate response, report and troubleshooting.