Official Release of Cloud WAF Service “shadankun” in Southeast Asia

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Press release

March 26, 2018
Future Spirits Co., Ltd.
Cyber Security Cloud Inc.

Cloud WAF service “shadankun” will be making its debut in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam following the collaboration between Future Spirits and Cyber Security Cloud.

Future Spirits Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan / President: Dai Tanitaka, hereinafter “Future Spirits”), a company which specializes in IT infrastructure business as well as cloud service business and Cyber Security Cloud Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan / President: Hikaru Ohno, hereinafter “Cyber Security Cloud”) have formed a business tie-up for international market expansion. Starting today, Future Spirits will begin to provide the cloud WAF service “shadankun” (developed by Cyber Security Cloud) through its subsidiaries in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

◆Service Features

“shadankun” is a SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) information security solution that protects websites from cyber-attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. It also detects SQL injection, cross site scripting, brute force attack and detects / blocks various unauthorized intrusions that normal firewalls and IPS / IDS are unable to block, as well as prevents malicious third parties from tampering with the websites.

As of September 2017, “shadankun” has been deployed to more than 4,000 websites in total, and was ranked first by cumulative number of companies contracted and websites deployed in Japan. “shadankun” was first introduced by Cyber Security Cloud in December 2013.

◆Service background

In recent years, reports of cyber-attacks against companies, government agencies as well as information leakage and hacking incidents have increased significantly in Japan. According to the “Survey of Security in Corporate Organizations 2017” announced by Trend Micro Corporation, the annual damage of security accidents has reached 231.77 million yen (average per incident).

Under these circumstances, investment on information security by domestic enterprises has been increasing, leading to remarkable growth in the information security market in Japan. According to IDC Japan, the size of security product market in 2016 is 283.9 billion yen, and is predicted to grow to 347.7 billion yen by 2021.

Worldwide, the importance of information security has also been increasing significantly, leading to the expansion of the information security market. According to a survey report by Frost & Sullivan on WAF, the market size of WAF in the information security market was about 21.6 million US dollars in 2012, but is expected to grow to 388.1 million US dollars by 2020. However, many of the current WAF services have been developed and sold by network equipment manufacturers and CDN service companies. Unfortunately such services are neither cost-effective nor user-friendly when it comes to implementation.

Future Spirits began to provide “shadankun” services in Japan through a reseller partnership with Cyber Security Cloud since 2016. Since then the service has gained high popularity and Future Spirits has decided to extend “SHADANKUN” services to Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam after securing a tie-up agreement with Cyber Security Cloud.

Future Spirits will start offering “shadankun” to both local Japanese companies and local companies from today. “SHADANKUN” provides high functionality as a WAF with 24/7/365 technical support.  Moreover, it has an easy-to-start and reasonable flat fee system. Future Spirits plans to bundle “SHADANKUN” with dedicated server or VPS hosting services in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Through this release, Future Spirits will contribute to strengthening information security of companies that operate websites in Southeast Asia, taking a big step forward in realizing the company’s corporate philosophy of “utilizing IT to support corporate and individual communication activities to help realize a more affluent society”.

“SHADANKUN” service fee structure (planned, all tax excluded)

Initial setting feeMonthly usage fee
Malaysia400 Ringgit600 ringgit / month
Thailand3,000 Baht5,000 Baht / month
Vietnam$ 100$ 150 / month

_MG_9986.png Left: Cyber ​​Security Cloud Representative Director Takeshi Ohno
Right: Future Spirits Representative Director Tani Takayama

■Company introduction
Future Spirits Co., Ltd.
・President:  Dai Tanitaka
・Established:        January 2000
・Capital:    100 million yen
・Business description:
Future Spirits provides IT infrastructure services as its core business, alongside with cloud services including cloud based form creation service, website production, web application development, smartphone application development etc. In addition, overseas group companies (China, Thailand and Malaysia) provide hosting services to Japanese companies and local companies through local data centers.

Cyber Security Cloud Inc.
・President:  Hikaru Ohno
・Established:        June 2016
・Capital:    335.5 million yen (including capital reserve)
・Business description:
Cyber Security Business
(1) Development, operation, maintenance and sale of “Kogeki Mieru Kun” “Kogeki Shadan Kun”(English name “SHADANKUN”)
(2)  Cyber-attack countermeasure consulting

For inquiries regarding “SHADANKUN”, please contact the following.

Wataru Kambe
Future spirits Co., Ltd.
Global Business Division  (Kyoto Head Office)
TEL: 075-326-3700 / FAX: 075-326-7400 / E-MAIL:

Cyber Security Cloud Co., Ltd.
Web Security Department
TEL: +81 3-6416-9996  / FAX: +81 3-6416-9997 / E-MAIL:


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