“Future Web Malaysia (Shared server)”

Operating/maintaining in data center in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
High performance (equipped with Plesk) rental server supported in Japanese/English

Future Web Malaysia’s shared rental server, which is thoroughly pursuing the demand of companies based in Malaysia! Following up Japanese companies perfectly. Support-centered, high performance (equipped with Plesk) shared rental server, Future Web Malaysia. Safe and reliable shared server with utmost support and troubleshooting system by network engineers, for 24 hours/365days. Bringing the high performance with expertise for more than 16 years in Japan here in Malaysia.

Features of Future Web Malaysia

  • Utmost support by e-mail and phone
  • One stop service from Domain acquisition to server contract/operation.
  • Operation/management system by engineers for 24hours/365days.
  • Substantial spec (Disk capacity of 10GB-50GB), Easy management screen (equipped with Plesk)

“Future Web Pro Malaysia (Dedicated server)”

Operating/maintaining data center in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Fully managed dedicated server, specializing in security and customer support. Supported in Japanese/English.

Future Web Pro Malaysia’s dedicated rental server receiving high reputation from production/development companies based in Malaysia! We offer a full support service of reliable, detailed operation and maintenance from server maintenance/supervision, security measure, application installation and setting to restart follow-up with know-how which had acquired from over 16 years experience of server operation/maintenance in Japan! We receive good reputation from companies based in Malaysia that they can concentrate on production/development works.

Features of Future Web Pro Malaysia

  • Fully managed support by dedicated engineers.
  • Free hearing and solution providing support by dedicated engineers.
  • Maintenance/management system for 24hours/365days by engineers.
  • Substantial spec (Disk capacity of 300GB-600GB), Easy management screen (Equipped with Plesk)
  • Others. We follow up with customers’ various problems.
“Domain name acquisition/storage service”

Domain name acquisition/storage service, meeting demands of customers developing business in Malaysia such as acting for domain name acquisition, payment, DNS server rental etc. on behalf of customers.

Domain name is an “address” on the internet which is included in homepage address or e-mail address. As the right is granted to the first person or the first company applied for the domain name, we recommend you to register immediately if the domain name is available to register. We will act for everything, including Domain name application/acquisition, renewal procedure, change of registration information, etc. on behalf of you through a registrar.

“SSL electronic certificate acquisition service”

SSL certificate is the necessary service to operate a reliable website to secure information safety communicated on the WEB and prevent phishing fraud.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the function to transmit encrypted information to protect individual information including credit card numbers and prove that it is an official website by issuing certificates to prevent phishing fraud caused by spoofing. We highly recommend you to consider installing SSL electronic certificate on this occasion.